Many times healing cannot begin until we allow ourselves to feel how bad things are (or were in the past). Doing this frees emotional and physical energy that has been stuffed, stuck, denied, or ignored for many years. When we can allow ourselves to feel exactly how we feel without judgment, we begin to free our energy. Only then can we move toward what we want.

Christiane Northrup – M.D. and author of Women’s Bodies,
Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing


In my women’s health clinic, I often reach a point in reatment where a patient’s physical complaints have a deeper, emotional significance. This is a place where I had difficulty with referrals in the past. Certainly some counselling or therapy is often needed, but in many cases it is unsuccessful in moving this type of block. I have been very grateful to find Dany Lyne and her Reiki practice and she has been a wonderful fit for referrals of this type. I always appreciate her warm, gentle, and non-judgmental approach to often-difficult issues. She has helped many of my patients move through old traumas, which in turn allows us to treat their physical conditions more thouroughly and completely. As a Naturopathic Doctor, my goal in treating any condition is to find and treat the cause. With Dany’s help and expertise the emotional component of this work is addressed beautifully.

Shawna Darou, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Annapurna Naturopathic Clinic: A Women’s Health Clinic
Suite 200, 822 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario M6J 1C9

My naturopath suggested that I might benefit from some bodywork. I had heard a lot about reiki, and had friends who had wonderful experiences with it, but had not done it myself. The first time I came to see Dany, we didn’t spend much time talking at first. She said she wanted to just get into some energy moving to see what was happening. Her initial reading related to the sexual abuse I had experienced as a child, but had not yet the strength or ability to explore. In fact, I only have a small memory of being abused, and no other childhood memories of any kind to speak of. Dany talked about factual things I hadn’t told her, and put into words the experiences stored in my body for many years — namely that of being like a block of ice and cut off from the head down. Everything resonated with me. I was shocked and scared, but also relieved to be hearing someone speak the words I hadn’t been able to find.

Four months later, with Dany’s support and abilities, I am on a healing path from the abuse. Almost every time I see her, we go to places within me that I have been unable to get to myself. Dany is supporting me in reclaiming my life and rejecting feelings of shame and self-blame. We link the energy work to my right as a woman to safety and dignity. She has an absolute rock-bottom belief that I will heal and can get to a place of peace. She often says that even though the work can be challenging, it is not as challenging as carrying around the pain and sorrow of past oppressions. That is so true. Dany has supported me in understanding that I have the skills and resources in me now to do this work and to live the life that I deserve to live.
Thanks so much.

Anonymous, Toronto

Hey Dany,
Thanks for everything you are doing for me. This is really hard but I feel more like myself than I have in a long time.

E.C., Louisiana, USA

All of my adult life has been punctuated by periods of insomnia, anxiety and depressions that have mostly felt mysterious and groundless. These interludes came and went in completely unpredictable ways that left me feeling totally crazy. It had long troubled me that I had very few memories of my life before the age of seven and I often wondered whether I had been sexually abused. Dany has been instrumental in helping me retrieve the memories of abuse my body had been holding for so long. Although Dany has an extraordinary ability to read infromation stored in the body she has taught me that this work is in fact collaborative. It was tremendously comforting to learn that my subconscious does not offer up anything to be ‘viewed’ that I am not ready to face. This knowledge imbues every new trauma we unearth together with a sense of victory. Even when I am scared or struggling with a new piece of the puzzle I experience a tremendous sense of empowerment because I know I am ready to handle whatever comes my way. Reiki has also been an excellent complement to talk-therapy. My psychotherapist fully supports this new aspect of my healing journey and we have been able to make some important breakthroughs because of it. The healing work I have undertaken with Dany has taken commitment and courage, but I cannot express what a relief it has been to finally identify the causes of my malaise. With Dany’s amazing wisdom and skill as a healer, I feel I am evolving from a reactive person whose life is driven by unconscious forces, to someone with agency and insight.

Artist, Toronto

“Dany’s Reiki workshops were an amazing experience! Dany has a wonderful way of teaching; combining hands-on guidance, a sharing of her personal and clinical experience, and an intuitive wisdom that facilitates a deep and organic understanding of Reiki healing. As an experienced Reiki practitioner, I have taken many Reiki courses over the years. Dany’s workshops have given me the most in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the chakras and the organ systems. Dany encourages her students to listen to and to trust their own intuitive guidance—this is truly her greatest gift as a teacher. Thank you, Dany!”

Jeannine LeBouthillier M.A. Psych
Reiki Master/Spiritual Therapist


“My Reiki training with Dany Lyne affected all aspects of my life and set in motion a deeper understanding of how to manage my energy in stressful situations, how to ground my energy and how to remain in a state of compassion instead of empathy so that I can continue to do the very intense work I do with my clients. I have been able to gradually incorporate Reiki into my work with clients in a way that feels very authentic to my experience. I finished her workshop with incredible gratitude for how the experience shifted my energy and awareness.”

Jane Clapp Founder of Urbanfitt
Holistic Personal Trainer and Reiki Practitioner


“The Reiki workshops were a lovely experience from start to finish. Personally, they allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of who I am. Throughout the course, Dany worked with us individually to ‘attune’ us to universal energy and unblock any stagnant physical/emotional energy held in our bodies. We were taught about Reiki, had time to practise on each other, and we were encouraged to develop a daily practice on ourselves at home. This at-home practice has been life-changing. Since taking the course, I have noticed a huge shift that has allowed me to move forward and further self-actualize. Professionally, learning about, experiencing, and practising Reiki has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding into the patterns of behaviour that my clients present. This course set the foundation for allowing me to guide my clients into a deeper energetic level of healing. I look forward to taking more courses with Dany. She is a very special and gifted teacher.”

Kerri-Lynn LaPointe ND
Naturopathic Medicine Osteopathy (Thesis Writer)

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