Healing with Dany Lyne

Six New Videos

We filmed extensively during the recent Reiki Level 1 & 2 workshops from May 20 to 23. I edited six new videos that will expand the Teaching Series. I hope you find them helpful pre-session if you want to know more about my approach and post-session to help integrate the work we have done together. It is my hope that students also have the opportunity to review some of the material we covered in class. May these videos support you on your journey of integration post-training.

Heart Centre:

Trust your secure connection to Universal Love, Divinity, and Dignity despite all adversity, humiliation, and shame.

Your Sacred Tree Is a Guidance System:

Orient yourself by cultivating awareness and connection with your sacred tree and life purpose to avoid distraction, detours, and confusion.

Midlife Crisis, Menopause, and Saturn Returns:

Honour the blessed opportunities to re-evaluate and re-group when the energies are buoyant and vibrant.

Reiki, Prayer, and

Soften into your heart to bring healing to yourself, your community, and the world.

Eight Tips for Beginner Reiki Practitioners:

Valuable guidelines to help you soften into presence, maintain focus, and evolve.

Spiritual Interventions
and Initiations:

Accelerate your growth by witnessing and engaging with the spiritual significance and blessing of accidents and illness.

Healing with Dany Lyne:
Architects of Survival

Open your heart and take the architects of survival right out of the doghouse to gain traction in your healing.

Healing with Dany Lyne:

Bring your victims and architects of survival home to your spiritual heart to heal trauma.

Healing with Dany Lyne:
Listen to Your Body

Settle into deep listening to access everything you need to know to shift into greater alignment.

Healing with Dany Lyne:
Manifestation & Liberation

Recognize the downward and upward momentum of the life force in your sacred tree to manifest and liberate your energy more efficiently.

Healing with Dany Lyne:
Third Eye

Literally find your third eye and walk through this portal to your inner wisdom.

Healing with Dany Lyne:

Honour your physical body to clear physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins alike.

Healing with Dany Lyne:
In Dialogue with Annemarie Shrouder
Part 1

Healing with Dany Lyne:
In Dialogue with Annemarie Shrouder
Part 2

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