Healing Journey

“Before you begin , you own the journey; once the ritual begins, the journey owns you.”

Malidoma Patrice Somé
The Healing Wisdom of Africa: Finding Life Purpose Through Nature, Ritual and Community

The healing journey begins with our new awareness that our material bodies are shaped and anchored by four fundamental energy fields: the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. A return to health requires personal work and change in all energy fields, something that surgery or medication prescribed by an allopathic doctor won’t accomplish. It is essential that we deal with the deeper meaning of our illnesses. Illness is a message from our body, attempting to transmit: Something is wrong. You are not listening to your whole self. You are ignoring something very important. The source of the illness needs to be uncovered and attended to. Without transformation in our emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields we are inevitably faced with more of the same kinds of problems, conflicts, tensions, pains and dis-eases in the physical one, all springing from source traumas. Any illness  can lead us on a journey of self-exploration and discovery that completely changes our lives from the inside out. Self-healing means self-transformation!

The simplest kind of guidance comes every day and many times a day in the form of discomfort:

  • Attending to the discomfort we feel puts us back into balance and therefore into a state of health and well-being. The discomfort can manifest in our physical body as pain or it can manifest on the other levels of our being.
  • Any discomfort in any aspect of our lives is a direct message to us that we are out of alignment with our true selves. Letting go of fear, and accepting, listening to, and learning from this message is the first step in our healing journey.
  • Energy fields, currents, and chakras are affected when we store negative experiences such as childhood traumas, physical and emotional injuries, sexual abuse, social and cultural programming, systemic discrimination, limiting belief systems, colonization, misinformation and indoctrination.
  • Information and experience are stored in all energy fields. Often, when traumatic events assail us, our mental energy field is cut off from the painful experience; thus the other energy fields store the traumatic narrative in the form of energy blocks or nodes until we have the resources to deal with them.
  • Like a rock in a stream that collects sticks and leaves, blocks get bigger and obstruct the flow of energy more and more over time. Reiki practitioners bring a healing energy charge to our bodies to remove these blocks, thereby facilitating the release and integration of traumatic memories. The memories we are strong enough to process and can most safely integrate are closest to the surface – the first to float up.
  • Ki energy streams into our bodies via the practitioner’s hands and previously deadened areas of the body come to life, a process leading to profound insight and clarity. The release of traumatic memories is often accompanied by strong emotions and understandings that show the way to well-being and health.

We are all deserving of health, happiness, and fulfillment in our lives. Step-by-step we change our lives to open ourselves to joy, delight and meaning.  We can start changing now by lovingly re-integrating all the fragmented, unresolved, and fractured parts of ourselves.

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