Vagina: A New Biography

Vagina is an unusual and thought-provoking biography by Naomi Wolf, published in 2012. I chose it as my companion on my long flight to Bali. I could not put it down.

“A fascinating new work that radically changes how we think about, talk about and understand the vagina— and consequently how we think about women and sexuality. Author, social critic, and political activist Naomi Wolf raises awareness of the pervasive inequities that exist in society and politics. She encourages people to take charge of their lives, voice their concerns and enact change. In Vagina: A New Biography, she asks, ‘Could a profound connection between a woman’s brain and her experience of her vagina affect her greater sense of creativity—even her consciousness?” She argues that this connection is not only real—and long-overlooked—but that it is fundamental to a woman’s sense of self.’”

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