Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential

Sacred Contracts is a fantastic book written by Caroline Myss, published in 2003.

From Amazon:
“We all come into this world with Sacred Contracts according to bestselling author Caroline Myss. Some know it as a calling. Some see it as a life mission. ‘In short, a Sacred Contract is an agreement your soul makes before you are born,’ Myss explains. ‘You promise to do certain things for yourself, for others, and for divine purposes. Part of the Contract requires that you discover what you are meant to do.’ Herein lies the rub. Decoding our Sacred Contract requires us to become fluent in the language of symbols and archetypes so that we can interpret dreams, understand the meaning behind ‘coincidences,’ and learn to follow our intuition. This is why Myss offers an extensive lesson on helping readers recognize their personal archetypes (we have about 12 of them), such as the Avenger (righteous activists), Networker (journalists, messengers), or Prostitute (someone who ‘sells out’ easily). Myss then goes on to help readers create their own ‘Chart of Origin’ (which profiles your ‘spiritual DNA’), using the teachings of the chakras and astrology. Part science, part ancient tradition, part magic, this book will gratify readers who are prepared to study the fine print of their Sacred Contracts.”

If you are wondering what you are going to do when you are alone at the cottage or in your living room on that self-imposed and not-so-structured retreat you so need, this is the perfect book and journey to facilitate your self-motivated exploration and healing.

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