Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story

Red Hot and Holy is a titillating memoir by Sera Beak published in 2013.

Beak describes her work in her own gloriously spirited and inimitable style:
“Because my Love Story is an epic, really—most definitely a saga, for sure a spiritual soap opera. It’s dramatic and emotional, personal yet archetypal, mundane yet multidimensional, ancient yet modern, familiar yet foreign, hilarious and even cheesy at times (cheese comes with the whole love story genre).

“It’s filled with eccentric characters, such as Mary Magdalene, the Hindu goddess Kali, the Persian poet Rumi, the Zen mystic Ikkyü, the Buddhist teacher Saraha, some of the Hebrew bible bad girls (Eve, Lilith, and the Whore of Babylon), the Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung, Gnostics, tantrikas, dakinis, witches—all mixed together with Red wine, tattoos, past lives, sex, heretical lineages, and quite a bit of fire, tears, and Red rose petals.”

Meet a young woman on fire in every cell of her being as she lives, crawls, runs and slithers through her hero’s journey in a society that thankfully has given up on burning such spunky, red hot, wise and outspoken women at the stake.

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