Long Walk to Freedom

Long Walk to Freedom is a haunting autobiographical work written by South African President Nelson Mandela, published in 1995. The book profiles his early life, coming of age, education, the foundation of the first black law firm in 1952, his politicization and 27 years in prison. Under the apartheid government, Mandela was regarded as a terrorist and jailed on the infamous Robben Island for his role as a leader of the then-outlawed ANC (African National Congress). The last chapters of the book describe his political ascension, and his belief that the struggle continues against apartheid in South Africa. He has since achieved international recognition for his leadership as president in rebuilding the country’s once segregated society. I highly recommend not getting overwhelmed or bogged down as though you have to write an exam: just flow with the narrative and enjoy your encounter with this great man and his journey.

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