Grandma (2015)

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“Paul Weitz casts Lily Tomlin as a misanthropic poet on an embattled quest to help her granddaughter in this warm, character-driven comedy-drama. Lily plays an ill-tempered lesbian academic on an all-day odyssey to raise the money her granddaughter needs for an abortion. … While it’s very much Tomlin’s show, the movie is actually about three generations of women—the forces that shape and scar them, the thorny histories and divergent life choices that distance them, the lessons they absorb or ignore and the ties among them that weaken but seldom break. And though the termination of a pregnancy is what drives the plot, that sorrowful step is treated with the gravity it warrants in a story that’s also about the many imperfect paths of motherhood. … Additionally, the film is a thoughtful, funny reflection on the gains and losses of growing old. Total Lily yumminess!”

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