Darshan: The Embrace

This film is an evocative and moving portrait of the inspiring and multifaceted presence that is Amma. At times more like a music video, a poem, and prayer, its footage and soundtrack are intoxicating, whether we are blessed with a bird’s eye view of a highly charged puja ceremony, the magical landscape of the backwaters in Kerala, the hustle and bustle of the ashram, or markets and street life in nearby towns and cities. Jan Kounen documents the various manifestations of Amma’s wisdom, spiritual power, humanitarianism, and love. He shows her at various rituals and bhajans (chants); he interviews her and records her talking informally to followers; weaves in historical footage that explores her earlier years and showcases evidence of her acceptance by mainstream institutions; and, of course, he films several darshan ceremonies. Throughout the film, Amma is alternately solemn, mischievous, mystical, wise, and never more hauntingly beautiful and enigmatic as when she walks off the stage after offering darshan to 45,000 people in 21 hours on her 50th birthday in 2003!

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