“Despite just two albums to her name Amy Winehouse is one of the biggest music icons in British history. With a voice often described as a combination of Billy Holiday, Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughan, Amy Winehouse was a pop star with soul; . . . a musical talent whose appeal crossed cultural and demographic boundaries.”

As riveting as it is sad, Amy is a powerfully honest look at the relationship between art, celebrity and the lethal spiral of an eating disorder coupled with alcohol and drug addiction. This shockingly intimate portrait by director Asif Kapadia is not only peppered with a plethora of home videos by friends but also with selfies. As such, we have the unprecedented experience of witnessing a tragic icon’s life and art via her personal lens. Strap yourself in for a front-row-centre survey of a doomed artist in the throes of her creative brilliance as well as her destructive relationships with a responsibility-averse father, a volatile husband, chemicals and, in her own words, the perfect diet: “eat whatever you want then throw it all up.” Though the trajectory is foreknown, the shock remains of how quickly Winehouse went from bright-eyed talent to strung-out artist beleaguered by a fusillade of paparazzi flashbulbs.

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