Amma: Healing the Heart of the World

Amma is a short yet informative biography by Judith Cornell published in 2001. I receive Darshan twice a year: in Toronto in July and in Detroit in late November. I travelled to her ashram in Kerala, a southwestern matriarchal province in India in 2010. Whether I am signed up for total immersion for several weeks, days or a few hours, a Darshan and a few hours of basking in her vibration and energy, Amma’s essence and unconditional love catapults me toward a new level of clarity, healing and compassion. I depict several such moments in my book.

From Library Journal:
“Cornell met Ammachi, the East Indian healer with an international following, in 1987 and traveled with her in India for six weeks in 1999. Known as the Mother of Immortal Bliss or ‘the hugging saint,’ Amma draws crowds of thousands for her international appearances. Cornell crams this authorized biography with information, starting with Amma’s childhood in a fisherman’s family and onto her divine calling to comfort the suffering. Cornell narrates the stories of devotees and describes Amma’s public appearances and tours and the rapid growth of institutions and charities that have formed around her.”

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