I get an email from Katja mentioning that she can only ride the bike sometimes. You’d think she’d had the run-in with Sleaze Balls. I get another email from Katja stating that she can only ride the bike on big occasions, like Nuit Blanche or Halloween. Wow, she’s thinking ahead. By late July, I get an email announcing that she is never getting on the bike again. The wild experiment that has captured my imagination is having exactly the opposite effect on her. While I thrive on the unpredictability of the outcome, the slog that inevitably sets me up for revelation and the up-close-and-personal encounter with the inhabitants of a city I love, Katja is experiencing a growing sense of unease, exhaustion, and confusion. She feels drastically more suited to work behind the scenes, while I continue to ride the art-bike. My dear friend Katherine Dynes will step in every once in a while; Michelle Polak, a wonderful actor, healer, and activist, will join me in full costume on most weekends in August and September; and I will take on the bike upkeep and maintenance. Who knew?

Let the next chapter begin!

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