Dany Lyne should be a sex worker, on heroin or dead by now. Yet she thrives and lives to tell the tale of her spiraling quest to get out from under the black wing of abandonment, sexual abuse, drug addiction, around-the-clock art, hilarious ballroom dancing Nouveau Riche despots, a relationship from hell and what all else. It’s not until the age of thirty-one when her memories of abuse surfaced that the mythology of her “perfect” and rather flamboyant childhood collapsed in a heap of brittle yet threatening rattlesnakes. A lone white flower left standing in a field of manure, she tells the tale of three generations of women—grandmother, mother, daughter—sharing the same perpetrators against the backdrop of the Catholic and economic oppression of the French patrimoine in Canada.

In the second half of her book, Lyne tells the tales of rebellion, collapse, hope and healing of nine women, ranging from ages seventeen to sixty, from different socio-political and cultural backgrounds, who have travelled through some of the same tumultuous and muddy waters as she has. Using her notes, memory and observations during her sessions, she has created and written dialogue inspired by the experiences she shared with her clients. She presents her approach and her clients’ journeys as they progressed with some of their twists and turns, cathartic realizations, releases, dramatic detox, stagnation, toxicity, resistance and fabulous breakthroughs.

Part memoir, part exploration of her approach to releasing trauma, this is Dany Lyne’s story and the stories of nine other women. Sometimes staggering, always rambunctious, the journeys described in this book illuminate the tragedy of the cycle of violence and the beauty of women riding the wave of transformation.

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