This body project reveals the relationship between body and self.

This body project is an artistic engagement that seeks to discover and transform the relationship between self and body.  Via the mediums of photography, audio recordings, and the written word, individuals explore the question: “what is your relationship with your body?”  In the space of this question, this body project invites the individual to become the author of their own story.
— Sarah Jurgens

You can view/read/witness the many humans who have participated so far at


What story do you want?

The story of how I was perceived as a white, blue-eyed, blond girl?
The story of the princess in a cardboard castle?
The story of my father’s and grandfather’s sexual abuse?
The story about mother knowing?
The story of my grandmother loving me to bits?
Their stories and why they couldn’t protect me?

Or do you want the story of how I coped?
How I forgot it all?
How fucked up and fucked over I was?
How addicted I was to over-the-counter and street drugs?
To sex?
To just about anything that would numb me,
overwhelm me,
confuse me?
Or maybe you just want to know how it stopped?
Or how I stopped?
Or what the fuck rattled me so hard to kill the blur?
Or maybe you just want to know the end?
That end?

When art screamed through my veins loud enough to
screech the truth,
to raise the curtain
and let it fall,
waking me up to my memories
of my victimization
and oppression
again and again
and again
until it stopped,
until I stopped.

When I sat.
When I paused.
When I meditated.
When I practised yoga.
When at fifty-two I stand on my head.
Because the whole thing is behind me.
Off me.
Past me.
The world is upside down.
So beautiful.
So gentle.
So loving.

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