Energy Salon is cancelled on Victoria Day,
Monday, May 23, 2016.

Sound Healer Barb McIntosh
will play her CHINESE FENG (WIND) GONGS for us on
Summer Solstice eve,
Monday, June 20.
If our energy is not focused enough by then, that’ll do it for sure!

The Energy Salon’s vibe
will flow through to the Fall Equinox,
most Mondays from early July to late September.

It’s been an absolute joy to explore the Dagara Medicine Wheel and the significance of its energy elements in our weekly healing circle. This ancient African wisdom is serving as a framework to help us expand our notions of what it means to be grounded. Unfortunately, this idiom has found its way into the mainstream clouded by many misconceptions about what it means to be connected to earth energy. So often I encounter a fixed and rigid “grounding” energy in clients’ fields. Their roots are firmly planted in soil and yet their fields are congested, malnourished and depleted. “To ground” is to plug in to the life force in all its vibrant, multifaceted earthly manifestation, not just soil. This source of fertility is found in all the energies: Fire, Water, Earth, Minerals, and Nature.

  • FIRE, the instigating fuel and the connecting rod to ancestors and the Other World.
  • WATER, the cleansing elixir that fosters authenticity, community, harmony and spiritual experience.
  • EARTH, the lap in which we find a home, nourishment, support and empowerment.
  • MINERALS, the gift of remembering through words and stories, our origins and purpose.
  • NATURE, who invites us to change consciously, to be real, to be ourselves and to drop the mask that the world expects us to wear.

It’s so totally 3D! It encompasses all aspects of human experience. It’s a rich and expansive buoyancy that is so much more than a concerted effort to be stable, safe, rooted and/or physically present. The Dagara Medicine Wheel is an energetic circuit that beacons us to be fully present, aware and engaged on all levels. It is the most succinct road map for our spirits while inhabiting the earth in human form that I have encountered so far.

Modernity, of course, plays a huge role is our mass cultural confusion and disorientation. I am reminded of Timothy Leary’s counterculture-era phrase: “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” It was all too often distorted and reduced to a static, one-dimensional engagement with the world. Unhappily, Leary’s explanations of this sequence of personal development were often misinterpreted to mean “Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity.” To be counterculture and stoned amounts to the same thing as being in the dominant culture and safe. Both are numb. Let us consider Leary’s urge for people to embrace cultural changes by detaching from the existing conventions and hierarchies in society:

Turn onTune inDrop out

  • TURN ON, become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the specific triggers that engage them.
  • TUNE IN, interact harmoniously with the world around you—externalize, materialize, express your new internal perspectives.
  • DROP OUT, discover your singularity, commitment to mobility, choice and change.

See you some Monday soon!


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