One of the first changes I introduced into my schedule post-Africa is a weekly healing circle. So often clients ask me where they can find like-minded community. And I’ve always known that if my clients met one another, many among them would find refreshing and soul-quenching like-mindedness. The first series of monthly Energy Salons last spring was well attended and much appreciated, but I did not fully embrace the format as an ongoing event.

My impulse post-Africa was to step into my spiritual healing trekking boots in a group setting—in other words, offer guided healing energy to a group rather than only one person at a time. When I teach workshops, I often create healing circles to help students shift energies that are blocking their growth and learning. It’s one of the most powerful teaching tools I offer. However, I have hesitated to create a circle and moving energy for and with people I don’t know. You could say that every first session with a new client is just that, working with someone I don’t know yet, but I always figured that booking a session, investing the time and money, and focusing the energy on making it happen was a necessary preparatory energetic commitment. A month into the new weekly Energy Salons, I can say that by the time people have talked to their friends and have decided to join in, their spirit of adventure and commitment to healing creates a dynamic-enough presence for a transformational process to occur.

Last week I had the honour of welcoming the first guest speakers: Megan Brown, an exceptional runner and coach, and Dr. Elizabeth Mingay, her friend and naturopathic doctor. Megan blew our minds and hearts open when she launched into her personal story and healing journey rather than solely introducing us to her approach to fitness as a catalyst for healing on all levels. It was a thrill to discover that Megan and Liz, who supported Megan for two years while Megan’s radical transformation unfolded, deemed our healing circle safe enough, supportive enough, and like-minded enough to hold the space for Megan to plunge in.

Megan’s email the next morning summarizes her unveiling beautifully:

Thanks Dany – I learned so much, both about my journey and about how to share in a way that can resonate with more people. Yesterday was all about jumping into the deep end and now I’ll find a way to swim there 🙂

I really believe my Purpose revolves around EMPOWERMENT…. which interestingly enough is related to the Earth element.

I want to empower people in a few ways:

1) To walk the tunnel of healing to their True Self (and the Love and Peace and Harmony that resides here)

2) To embrace the change and transformation that accompanies this healing 

3) To accept and honour the role that the body plays an instrumental role in soul healing – in my case it was the catalyst and the vehicle.

The Energy Salon has a life of its own. I wish to honour that by creating a circle every Monday in the summer as well.


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