I get a call from Jess Dobkin, founder of the Artists’ Newsstand at Chester Station. She would like me to read my manifesto at the Take Back the Nuit event she is organizing. Her plan is to create an alternative to Nuit Blanche on October 3. Wait a sec, let’s back up for a minute … my manifesto? “Yes, the conclusion from your book.” Well … that’s news to me; I never thought of it as a manifesto, but now that I look at it, yes, quite. This is a fantastic opportunity for Michelle and I to stretch our notion of who Stripe and Daisy are and what they get up to. Isabelle Noel’s soundtrack composed for my book trailer is de rigueur, so we throw it on full blast and improvise. Basically, Stripe says what she has to say and Daisy moves to create a foil for the words, either resonating with them or creating visual and poetic contrast. I decide to throw in Anne J. Gibson, our Kensington photographer, to the mix and Maurizio Trezzi on the GoPro. Eventually, I had to hire a more experienced editor, Fiona Sauder, because I was in way over my head with overlapping still images, video and soundtracks. Check out our first Manifesto performance on my YouTube channel or danylyne.com.

Geez Louise, sitting around for a couple hours after our soundcheck, putting on makeup in the car, standing up on a bench and delivering lines. Since then, Michelle has performed the manifesto in Kensington Market with instrumentalist and street performer Yusuke Hasegawa. Check it out:


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